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How to Measure for a Motorcycle Jacket

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Motorcycle jackets, leather and textile, come a wide range of sizes. Like most clothing products, sizes can vary slightly across manufacturers. In this post you will learn how to measure for a motorcycle jacket and how to use this information to order a motorcycle jacket with the perfect fit.

This guide will also prove useful if you’re measuring up for a new motorcycle hoodie, or even a new motorcycle shirt.

Tape measure

How do I know my jacket size?

The easiest way to know your jacket size is to carry out a measurement exercise. Motorcycle jacket sizes are primarily based around the width / circumference of your chest. Just below the armpits. Luckily, this is a really simple measurement to take, and you can even do it on your own. Although some a little help will go along way.

How to measure for a motorcycle jacket

Quick 3 minutes.

How to measure for a motorcycle jacket

  1. Find something to measure your chest with.

    A flexible tape or tailors measure is ideal for measuring your chest.
    Alternatively you can use a piece of string or a shoelace.

  2. Wrap it around your chest.

    Place one end of the measuring tape / string in the middle of your chest.
    Lengthen the measuring tape / string. Wrap the tape / string around your chest, under your armpits and round your back. So as to meet back at your starting point.

  3. Tighten and measure.

    Tighten the tape and take up any slack.
    Take an accurate measurement.
    If your using a piece of string or a shoelace, check the length of the string against a ruler or tape measure.

  4. Check your measurement against a motorcycle jacket size chart.

    Check the jacket manufacturers size chart to learn your true jacket size.

Motorcycle Jacket Size Charts

Now that you’ve learnt how to measure for a motorcycle jacket, you’ll need to know how to use motorcycle jacket size charts.

Unless clearly stated by the manufacturer, motorcycle jacket sizes are usually as follows:

Motorcycle Jackets size chart

Chest Circumference
Jacket Size (UK)Jacket Size (EU)Jacket Size (Global)
86 cm to 91 cm36 inch46XX Small
91 cm to 97 cm38 inch48X Small
97 cm to 102 cm40 inch50Small
102 cm to 107 cm42 inch52Medium
107 cm to 112 cm44 inch54Large
112 cm to 117 cm46 inch56X Large
117 cm to 122 cm48 inch58XX Large
122 cm to 127 cm50 inch60XXX Large
127 cm to 132 cm52 inch624X Large
132 cm to 137 cm54 inch645X Large
137 cm to 142 cm56 inch666X Large
142 cm to 147 cm58 inch687X Large
147 cm to 152 cm60 inch708X Large
Standard motorcycle jacket sizes by chest circumference.

Quality Motorcycle Jackets

Now you know your size, all you need is an superbly excellent motorcycle jacket.

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