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1972-1975 Kawasaki Z1 Full Specifications

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Performance Specifications Table

Standing start 1/4 mile12.0 seconds
Climbing ability30 o
Fuel consumption40 mpg (average)
Braking distance10.9728 m @ 31 mph
Minimum turing radius2,500 mm

Dimensions Specifications Table

Overall length2,250 mm
Overall width820 mm
Overall height1,175 mm
Wheelbase1,490 mm
Ground clearance160 mm
Dry Weight230 kg (without fuel and fluids)

Frame Specifications Table

Frame typeTubular, double cradle
Rake / Caster angle64 °
Trail length90 mm

Engine Specifications Table

Power82 HP @ 8,500 rpm
Torque54.3 FT-LB @ 7,000 rpm
Engine capacity / displacement903 cc
Engine configurationDOHC 4-cylinder, transverse in-line 4-stroke, air-cooled
ArrangementTransverse in-line
Bore and Stroke66 mm x 66 mm
Compression ratio8.5 : 1

Cylinder Head Specifications Table

Cylinder compression121 psi
Cylinder head warpage0.25 mm (service limit)

Valves and Springs Specifications Table

Intake valve stem diameter6.965 mm - 6.980 mm
6.86 mm (service limit)
Intake valve stem bend0.5 mm (service limit)
Intake valve stem to guide clearance0.02 mm - 0.05 mm
0.10 mm (service limit)
Exhaust valve stem diameter6.955 mm - 6.970 mm
6.85 mm (service limit)
Exhaust valve stem to guide clearance0.03 mm - 0.06 mm
0.10 mm (service limit)
Intake valve spring free length39.3 mm (outer spring)
38.0 mm (outer spring service limit)
36.0 mm (inner spring)
35.0 mm (inner spring service limit)
Intake valve spring perpendicularity1.9 mm (service limit)
Exhaust valve spring free length39.3 mm (outer spring)
38.0 mm (outer spring service limit)
36.0 mm (inner spring)
35.0 mm (inner spring service limit)
Exhaust valve spring perpendicularity1.9 mm (service limit)

Camshaft and Timing Specifications Table

Intake valve cam timingopens @ 30° BTDC @ 1.0 mm lift
closes @ 70° ABDC @ 1.0 mm lift
Intake cam lobe height36.26 mm - 36.34 mm
36.16 mm (service limit)
Exhaust valve cam timingopens @ 70° BBDC @ 1.0 mm lift
closes @ 30° ATDC @ 1.0 mm lift
Exhaust cam lobe height35.76 mm - 35.84 mm
35.66 mm (service limit)
Camshaft run-out0.10 mm (service limit)

Crankshaft Specifications Table

Crankshaft run-out0.03 mm
0.10 mm (service limit)

Cylinder and Piston Specifications Table

Cylinder bore diameter66.000 mm - 66.019 mm (bore)
66.10 mm (bore service limit)
Piston diameter65.93 mm - 65.95 mm (outer)
65.80 mm (outer service limit)
Top piston ring to groove clearance0.045 mm - 0.080 mm
0.18 mm (service limit)
Second piston ring to groove clearance0.010 mm - 0.050 mm
0.15 mm (service limit)
Piston pin diameter16.994 mm - 17.000 mm
16.96 mm (service limit)
Piston pin bore diameter17.0035 mm - 17.0115 mm
17.08 mm (service limit)
Top piston ring groove width1.50 mm - 1.52 mm
1.60 mm (service limit)
Second piston ring groove width1.50 mm - 1.52 mm
1.60 mm (service limit)
Top piston ring end gaps0.2 mm - 0.4 mm
0.7 mm (service limit)
Cylinder to piston clearance0.060 mm - 0.079 mm
Connecting rod big end side clearance0.3 mm - 0.4 mm
0.6 mm (service limit)

Clutch and Primary Drive Specifications Table

Reduction ratio1.73 : 1 (97 / 56)
Clutch typewet multi disc
Clutch spring free length33.8 mm
32.3 mm (service limit)
Plate warpage0.30 mm (service limit
Friction plate thickness3.7 mm - 3.9 mm
3.4 mm (service limit)

Transmission Specifications Table

Type5-speed, constant mesh, return shift
Gear ratio1st gear = 3.17 : 1 (38 / 12)
2nd gear = 2.19 : 1 (35 / 16)
3rd gear = 1.67 : 1 (35 / 21)
4th gear = 1.38 : 1 (29 / 21)
5th gear = 1.22 : 1 (28 / 23)

Final Drive Specifications Table

Final driveChain drive
Final drive ratio2.33 : 1 (35 / 15)
Chain typeEK630S-TG endless-type
Number of chain links92 links
Length of 10 links165.5 mm

Lubrication Specifications Table

System typeForced lubrication
Oil capacity3.3 litres (wet fill, includes filter)
4.0 litres (wet fill, excludes filter)
0.9 litres (tank volume)
Recommended oil approval ratingSE class
Oil viscositySAE 10W40

Fuel System Specifications Table

Fuel tank capacity18 litres

Carburetion Specifications Table

Carburetor typeVM 28SC
Pilot jet20
Main jet112.5
Needle jetP-8 mm

Ignition System Specifications Table

Ignition timing1,500 rpm @ 5° BTDC to 3,000 rpm @ 40 ° BTDC
Spark plug typeNGK B-8ES

Front Suspension and Steering Specifications Table

TypeTelescopic fork
Front axel travel140 mm
Recommended front fork oil gradeSAE 10W, non-detergent
Oil level455 mm (fork fully compressed, sping removed)
Oil volume169 ml (dry fill)
Spring free length495.5 mm
485 mm (service limit)

Rear Suspension Specifications Table

TypeSwing arm
Rear axel travel80 mm

Front Brake Specifications Table

Front brake typeDisc brake
Front master cylinder diameter14.000 mm - 14.043 mm (inner)
14.080 mm (inner service limit)
Front master piston diameter13.957 mm - 13.984 mm (outer)
13.900 mm (outer service limit)
Front caliper cylinder A diameter38.180 mm - 38.200 mm (inner)
38.215 mm (inner service limit)
Front caliper piston A diameter38.180 mm - 38.200 mm (outer)
38.105 mm (outer service limit)

Rear Brake Specifications Table

Rear brake typeInternal expansion, leading-trailing
Rear disc diameter296 mm
Rear disc thickness7.0 mm
5.5 mm (service limit)
Rear disc run-out0.3 mm (service limit)

Wheels and Tyres Specifications Table

Front wheel size19 inch
Front tyre size3.25-19 4PR
Front tyre pressure26 psi (cold)
Recommended front tyreDunlop F6
Front wheel axle run-out0.2 mm (service limit)
Front wheel rim axial run-out3 mm (service limit)
Front wheel rim radial run-out2 mm (service limit)
Rear wheel size18 inch
Rear tyre size4.00-18 4PR
Rear tyre pressure31 psi (cold)
Recommended rear tyreDunlop K-87
Rear wheel axle run-out0.2 mm (service limit)
Rear wheel rim radial run-out3 mm (service limit)
Rear wheel rim axial run-out2 mm (service limit)

Electrical Charging Specifications Table

Battery typeYuasa
Battery voltage rating12 volts DC

Electrical Equipment Specifications Table

Headlight12V 50W/35W high/low beam
Recommended headlightSemi-sealed
Tail / stop light12V 4/32 cp 8/23W
Front turn signal light12V 23W x 4
Rear turn signal light12V 23W x 4
Neutral indicator12V 3.4W
Turn signal indicator12V 3.4W
High beam indicator12V 3.4W
Oil pressure indicator12V 3.4W


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