The Triumph Rocket III Roadster is well known for its status of having the largest displacement engine of a production motorcycle. With a whopping 2,294cc or 140 cubic inch, 3-cylinder engine.

Development of the Triumph Rocket III Roadster began in 1998. It was intended to be a competitor to Harley Davidson Ultraglide and the Honda Goldwing. So initially the target engine displacement was 1,600cc.

However, in 2002 Yamaha launched it's 1,670cc Road Star Warrior. And, at the same time Honda launched it's 1,795cc VTX1800. Triumph decided to raise the bar. Squeezing in a 2.3 litre engine.

Released in 2004, the bike never quite managed to win over the loyal Harley and Goldwing riders. But as Motor Cycle News said, "The Triumph Rocket III is an incredible experience and bravo to Triumph for making it." They also went on to say that "Compared to a Harley, the Rocket III is a steal. It’s better braked, faster, handles better and it’s British."

The sheer force and presence of the Triumph Rocket III continues to deliver a simply stunning riding experience. An unmatched experience on two wheels.



2004-2005 Triumph Rocket III Full Specifications

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Dimensions Specifications Table

Overall length2,480 mm
Overall width880 mm
Wheelbase1,690 mm
Seat height740 mm
Dry Weight320 kg (without fuel and fluids)
Maximum payload235 kg (rider, passenger, luggage and accessories)

Frame Specifications Table

Frame typeTubular steel
Rake / Caster angle32 °
Trail length152 mm

Engine Specifications Table

Power142 PS @ 5,750 rpm (DIN 70020)
Torque200 Nm @ 2,500 rpm
Engine capacity / displacement2,294 cc
Engine configuration3 Cylinder, 12 Valve, DOHC
ArrangementIn-line, longitudinal
Bore and Stroke101.6 mm x 94.3 mm
Compression ratio8.7 : 1

Cylinder Head Specifications Table

Intake valve seat angle90 °
Intake valve seat width1.000 mm - 1.100 mm
1.500 mm (service limit)
Exhaust valve seat angle90 °
Exhaust valve seat width1.000 mm - 1.100 mm
1.000 mm - 1.100 mm (service limit)

Valves and Springs Specifications Table

Intake valve clearance0.10 mm - 0.15 mm
Intake valve lift8.30 mm
Intake valve stem diameter5.475 mm - 5.490 mm
Intake valve guide diamater5.485 mm - 5.500 mm (bore)
Intake valve seat angle90 °
Intake valve head diameter37.90 mm
Intake valve seat width1.98 mm - 2.26 mm
Exhaust valve clearance0.15 mm - 0.20 mm
Exhaust valve lift8.30 mm
Exhaust valve stem diameter5.476 mm -5.490 mm
Exhaust valve guide diameter5.485 mm - 5.500 mm (bore)
Exhaust valve seat angle90 °
Exhaust valve head diameter32.30 mm
Exhaust valve seat width1.98 mm - 2.26 mm

Valve Train Specifications Table

Intake valve bucket diameter28.015 mm - 28.035 mm (bore)
27.978 mm - 27.993 mm (outer)
Exhaust valve bucket diameter28.015 mm - 28.035 mm (bore)
27.978 mm - 27.993 mm (outer)

Camshaft and Timing Specifications Table

Intake valve cam timingopens @ 12° BTDC @ 1.0 mm lift
closes @ 28° ABDC @ 1.0 mm lift
220 ° open duration
Exhaust valve cam timingopens @ 41° BBDC @ 1.0 mm lift
closes @ 11° ATDC @ 1.0 mm lift
232 ° open duration
Camshaft journal diameter22.93 mm - 22.96 mm (outer)
23.000 mm - 23.021 mm (bore)
Camshaft journal clearance0.040 mm - 0.091 mm
0.13 mm (service limit)
Camshaft end float0.10 mm - 0.13 mm
Camshaft run-out0.015 mm

Crankshaft Specifications Table

Crankshaft big end journal diameter40.946 mm - 40.960 mm
40.922 mm (service limit)
Crankshaft big end bearing clearance0.035 mm -0.065 mm
0.100 mm (service limit)
Crankshaft main bearing journal diameter43.092 mm -43.108 mm
43.068 mm (service limit)
Crankshaft main bearing clearance0.018 mm - 0.041 mm
0.10 mm (service limit)
Crankshaft end float0.05 mm - 0.20 mm
0.40 mm (service limit)
Crankshaft run-out0.04 mm
0.07 mm (service limit)

Cylinder and Piston Specifications Table

Piston diameter101.561 mm - 101.577 mm (outer)
101.511 mm (outer service limit)
Gudgeon pin bore diameter in piston21.994 mm - 22.001 mm
22.022 mm (service limit)
Gudgeon pin diameter21.982 mm - 21.987 mm (outer)
21.972 mm (outer service limit)
Top piston ring to groove clearance0.002 mm - 0.006 mm
0.16 mm (service limit)
Second piston ring to groove clearance0.02 mm - 0.06 mm
0.16 mm (service limit)
Top piston ring groove width1.01 mm -1.03 mm
1.11 mm (service limit)
Second piston ring groove width1.01 mm - 1.03 mm
1.11 mm (service limit)
Piston ring oil groove width2.51 mm - 2.53
Top piston ring end gaps0.20 mm - 0.35 mm
0.55 mm (service limit)
Second piston ring end gaps0.30 mm - 0.50 mm
0.675 mm (service limit)
Piston ring oil end gaps0.20 mm - 0.70 mm
0.875 mm (service limit)
Connecting rod small end diameter22.005 mm - 22.018 mm (inner)
22.028 mm (inner service limit)
Connecting rod big end side clearance0.15 mm 0.30 mm
0.50 mm (service limit)

Clutch and Primary Drive Specifications Table

Primary Drive typeGear, with backlash eliminator
Reduction ratio1.034 : 1
Clutch typeWet multi-plate
Clutch actuation methodCable
Clutch lever free play2 mm - 3 mm
Number of friction plates10
Friction plate thickness3.72 mm - 3.88 mm
3.5 mm (service limit)

Transmission Specifications Table

Type5-speed, constant mesh
Gear ratio1st gear = 2.929 : 1
2nd gear = 1.947 : 1
3rd gear = 1.435 : 1
4th gear = 1.160 : 1
5th gear = 0.964 : 1
Gear selector fork / claw thickness5.90 mm - 6.00 mm
Gear selector fork /claw thickness5.80 mm (service limit)
Gear selector groove width6.05 mm - 6.15 mm
6.30 mm (service limit)
Gear selector fork to groove clearance0.50 mm (service limit)

Final Drive Specifications Table

Final driveBevel geared crown wheel and pinion
Final drive ratio2.846 : 1

Lubrication Specifications Table

Oil capacity5.9 litres (dry fill)
5.4 litres (wet fill, includes filter)
5.1 litres (wet fill, excludes filter)
Recommended oil approval ratingAPI SH (or higher) and JASO MA
Oil viscosity10W / 40 or 15W / 50
Oil typeSemi or fully synthetic
Oil pump rotor tip clearance0.15 mm
0.20 mm (service limit)
Oil pump body clearance0.15 mm - 0.22 mm
0.20 mm (service limit)
Oil pump rotor end float0.02 mm - 0.07 mm
0.10 mm (service limit)

Cooling System Specifications Specifications Table

Coolant mixture50% anti freeze in distilled water
Anti-freeze typeMobil Antifreeze
Coolant system capacity3.2 litres
Radiator cap opening pressure17.4 psi
Thermostat begin to open temperature85 ℃
Temperature gauge sensor resistance187Ω @ 100 ℃

Fuel System Specifications Table

Fuel typeUnleaded, 95 RON (US - 89 RON/MON)
Fuel tank capacity25 litres
Low level warning lamp5.5 litres remaining
Fuel pump typeSubmerged, electric
Fuel pressure43.5 psi (nominal)
Purge control systemModulated, vacuum

Fuel Injection System Specifications Table

TypeMulti point sequential
Idle speed800 rpm
Injector typeSingle nozzle
ThrottleTwin butterfly
Control sensorsCoolant temperature, manifold absolute pressure (all cylinders), intake air temperature, barometric pressure, gear position, road speed, primary and secondary throttle position.

Ignition System Specifications Table

Electronic rev limiter6,500 rpm
Timing pick-up coil resistance0.56 KΩ ℃
Timing pick up coil air gapFixed, not adjustable mm
Ignition coil typeInductive, twin output
Spark plug typeNGK DPR8EA9, 2 per cylinder
Spark plug gap0.9 mm

Front Suspension and Steering Specifications Table

Front axel travel120 mm
Recommended front fork oil gradeKayaba 01 oil (SAE 0W)
Oil level89 mm (fork fully compressed, sping removed)
Oil volume667 ml (dry fill)

Rear Suspension Specifications Table

Rear axel travel105 mm

Front Brake Specifications Table

Front brake typeTwo four piston callipers acting on twin discs
Front disc diameter320 mm
Front disc thickness5.0 mm
4.0 mm (service limit)
Front disc run-out0.3 mm (service limit)
Recommended front brake fluidDOT 4
Front master cylinder diameter14 mm (inner)

Rear Brake Specifications Table

Rear disc diameter316 mm
Rear disc thickness7.5 mm
6.5 mm (service limit)
Rear disc run-out0.15 mm (service limit)
Recommended rear brake fluidDOT 4
Rear master cylinder diameter12.7 mm (inner)

Wheels and Tyres Specifications Table

Front wheel sizeMT 3.5 x 17 inch
Front tyre size150 / 80 R17
Front tyre pressure34 psi (cold)
Front wheel rim axial run-out0.5 mm (service limit)
Front wheel rim radial run-out0.5 mm (service limit)
Rear wheel sizeMT 7.5 x 16 inch
Rear tyre size240 / 50 R16
Rear tyre pressure42 psi (cold)
Rear wheel rim radial run-out0.5 mm (service limit)
Rear wheel rim axial run-out0.5 mm (service limit)

Electrical Charging Specifications Table

Battery voltage rating12 volts DC
Battery capacity18 ampere hour (Ah)
Alternator current rating37 amps


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