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Triumph Trophy TR6 650cc

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Steve McQueen Triumph Trophy TR6 W

The Triumph Trophy TR6 650cc Series

The Triumph Trophy TR6 shows just how good times were for Triumph during the 1960’s.

Triumph’s Trophy TR6 has lived through the unit construction, oil in frame and big bore era’s.

During the 1960’s Triumph helped usher in an era of great British motorcycling. The Trophy range played a big role in post war motorcycling for the masses.

Designed for performance and comfort, the TR6 has been a long standing classic bike.

The Trophy Engine

Built between 1956 and 1962, first generation Triumph Trophy TR6 650cc engines have been dubbed the pre unit. This generation was designed with a separate engine & gear box.

Second generation Trophy TR650’s combined the engine and gearbox into one single engine casting. Creating the unit construction engine.

Due to the savings made during manufacture, the unit construction engine design methodology became widely used. So much so it’s now the standard for motorcycle engine design.

A Trophy History

Featuring in the most widely seen, and most often watched bike stunt scene in history! The Triumph TR6 rose to fame in the film ‘The Great Escape’. With Steve McQueen behind the bars.

The TR650 has also been close us at Lamberts Bikes too. Parked silently under a shelter at the back of our home, a TR650 with a maroon petrol tank would watch over us in the garden. Looking sad with it’s flaking chrome finishes, you couldn’t help but feel that this bike was always yearning for an opportunity to blaze down the country lanes and find it’s limits once again.

Triumph Trophy TR6 Service Manuals

This section provides links to Triumph TR6 motorcycle service manuals. Otherwise known as shop manuals or workshop manuals.

These how-to guides walk you through every aspect of the Triumph Trophy TR6 650cc, for both maintenance and repairs. And because these guides are made by the manufacturer, they are super detailed and easy to follow.

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