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2005-2007 Yamaha YP400 Full Specifications

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Dimensions Specifications Table

Overall length2,230 mm
Overall width780 mm
Overall height1,380 mm
Wheelbase1,565 mm
Seat height750 mm
Ground clearance120 mm
Wet weight212 kg (fuel and fluids)
Maximum payload196 kg (rider, passenger, luggage and accessories)

Frame Specifications Table

Frame typeAluminium die-cast and steel tube backbone
Rake / Caster angle27 °
Trail length100 mm

Engine Specifications Table

Engine capacity / displacement394.9 cc
Engine configurationLiquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC
ArrangementForward-inclined single cylinder
Bore and Stroke83.0 mm x 73.0 mm
Compression ratio10.6 : 1
Electric startyes

Cylinder Head Specifications Table

Cylinder head warpage0.05 mm (service limit)

Valves and Springs Specifications Table

Intake valve clearance0.15 mm - 0.20 mm
Intake valve stem diameter4.975 mm - 4.990 mm
4.945 mm (service limit)
Intake valve stem to guide clearance0.010 mm - 0.037 mm
0.080 mm (service limit)
Intake valve head diameter30.9 mm - 31.1 mm
Intake valve seat width1.0 mm - 1.2 mm
Exhaust valve clearance0.25 mm - 0.30 mm
Exhaust valve stem diameter4.960 mm - 4.975 mm
Exhaust valve stem to guide clearance0.025 mm - 0.052 mm
Exhaust valve head diameter27.9 mm - 28.1 mm
Exhaust valve seat width1.0 mm - 1.2 mm

Camshaft and Timing Specifications Table

Camshaft run-out0.03 mm (service limit)

Cylinder and Piston Specifications Table

Cylinder taper0.05 mm (service limit)
Piston pin diameter19.991 mm - 20.000 mm
19.971 mm (service limit)
Piston pin bore diameter20.004 mm - 20.015 mm
20.045 mm (service limit)
Top piston ring end gaps0.20 mm - 0.35 mm
0.50 mm (service limit)
Second piston ring end gaps0.40 mm - 0.55 mm
0.80 mm (service limit)
Piston ring oil end gaps0.10 mm - 0.40 mm

Clutch and Primary Drive Specifications Table

Primary Drive typeHelical gear
Reduction ratio2.214 : 1 (31 / 14)
Clutch typeDry, centrifugal automatic
Clutch operating systemCentrifugal automatic type

Transmission Specifications Table

TypeV- belt, automatic

Lubrication Specifications Table

System typeWet sump
Oil capacity1.50 litres (wet fill, excludes filter)
Recommended oil approval ratingAPI service SE, SF, SG type or higher
Oil pump typeTrochoid

Cooling System Specifications Specifications Table

System typeLiquid-cooled

Fuel System Specifications Table

Fuel typeUnleaded gasoline only (USA)
Fuel tank capacity14 litres
Fuel pump typeElectrical, 5RU AISAN
Fuel pressure35.6 psi (nominal)

Fuel Injection System Specifications Table

Idle speed1,300 rpm - 1,500 rpm
Injector typeAISAN 1100-87C00-A

Ignition System Specifications Table

TypeTransistorized coil ignition (digital)
Ignition timing1,400 rpm @ 5 ° BTDC at idle
Spark plug typeNGK CR7E
Spark plug gap0.7 mm - 0.8 mm

Front Suspension and Steering Specifications Table

TypeTelescopic fork, Coil spring / Oil damper
Front axel travel120 mm
Recommended front fork oil gradeYamaha fork oil 10 WT
Oil volume0.298 ml (left fork dry fill)
0.298 ml (right fork dry fill)
Spring free length316.7 mm
310.4 mm (service limit)

Rear Suspension Specifications Table

TypeUnit swing, Coil spring / Oil damper
Rear axel travel130 mm
Rear spring free length306.6 mm

Front Brake Specifications Table

Front brake typeSingle-disc brake
Front disc diameter267 mm
Front disc thickness5 mm
4.5 mm (service limit)
Recommended front brake fluidDOT 4
Front master cylinder diameter14.0 mm (inner)
Front caliper cylinder A diameter30.16 mm - 33.34 mm (inner)

Rear Brake Specifications Table

Rear brake typeSingle-disc brake
Rear disc diameter267 mm
Rear disc thickness5 mm
4.5 mm (service limit)
Recommended rear brake fluidDOT 4
Rear master cylinder diameter14.0 mm (inner)
Rear caliper cylinder A diameter38.1 mm (inner)

Wheels and Tyres Specifications Table

Front wheel size14 M/C X MT3.00 inch
Front tyre size120/80 - 14 M/C 58S - tubeless
Front tyre pressure29 psi (cold)
Recommended front tyreIRC MB 67 or Dunlop D305FL
Rear wheel size13 M/C X MT4.00 inch
Rear tyre size150/70 - 13 M/C 64S
Rear tyre pressure36 psi (cold)
Recommended rear tyreIRC MB 67 or Dunlop D305L

Electrical Charging Specifications Table

Battery typeGT9B-4
Battery voltage rating12 volts DC
Battery capacity8 ampere hour (Ah)

Electrical Equipment Specifications Table

Headlight12V 60W/55W high/low beam
Recommended headlightHalogen bulb
Tail / stop lightLED
Front turn signal light12V 21W/5W x 2
Rear turn signal light12V 21W x 2
Turn signal indicator12V 1.4W
Main fuse rating40 amps (A)


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