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Nexx X Com Bluetooth Communication System


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The Nexx X Com Bluetooth Communication System on Lamberts Bikes. Another great addition to LambertsBikes online motorcycle shop catalogue.

Connect to your technology and others around you with the system that was made for your helmet.

The XCOM communication system fits the Nexx X.

WST2, Nexx X.

WED2 and Nexx SX.

100 helmets.

The control panel fits flush into the left side of your helmet, leaving a very slim profile and thus avoiding extra wind noise and reducing vulnerability.

The XCom offers everything you need in a Bluetooth device: connect it to your phone, Bluetooth audio device such as MP3 player or hook it up to your Bluetooth GPS navigation.

With a range of up to 900 meters (980 yards) between riders you won’t have to worry about losing track of your riding buddies.

The XCom allows for fourway conference intercom, threeway conference phone calls with an intercom participant and can even be upgraded with a Sena SR10 TwoWay Radio Adapter.

The Multipoint Bluetooth feature allows pairing for 2 mobile phones.

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