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Schuberth SC1 Advanced Communication System


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The Schuberth SC1 Advanced Communication System on Lamberts Bikes. Another great addition to LambertsBikes online motorcycle shop catalogue.

When you have Schuberth C4 or a R2 you can use one of the best integrated communication systems available.

With this communication system you can make phone calls listen to music and navigate.

During your trips the Advanced Noise Control from SENA will help you to reduce any external noise to the level you prefer.

With the smartphone app you can change device settings, manage group lists start Group Intercom.

The reason why this system is very easy to use is the fact that the microphone, speakers and antenna are already integrated in the helmets.

The battery and the main dock are realy easy to click in the premade compartments of the Schuberth C4 and the R2.

When you like to ride in a group and still want to communicate with eachother, you can use the 4 way intercom and bluetooth connection with a total of 14 hours talk time.

It is possible to link 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time so you can listen to music and listen to your navigation system at the same time.

This SC1 Advanced offers two extra features over the SC1 Standad: you will find an FM Radio, a Music Sharing feature and 5 hours of extra talk time thanks to a bigger battery.

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