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Schuberth SC10U Communication System


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The Schuberth SC10U Communication System on Lamberts Bikes. Another great addition to LambertsBikes online motorcycle shop catalogue.

The Schuberth SC10U communication system was specifically designed for Schuberth E1, C3 and C3 Pro helmets.

Without any bulky components on the outside, the SC10 integrates almost seamlessly into these helmets and adds an extra dimension to your riding experience.

Although it’s looks very minimalistic, you can expect the SC10U to offer anything you’re looking for in a communication system.

Pair with any Bluetooth device within a 1.

6 km (1 mile) range, have fourway conversations with your riding companions and use the 2 Bluetooth channels to pair 2 seperate devices at the same time.

Sena’s Advanced Noise Control reduces wind and road noise without sacrificing awareness of your surroundings for the best possible audio experience.

Don’t want to listen to your own music No worries, the SC10U has an integrated programmable FM tuner as well!

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